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I tried this recipe last night... 5 for dinner and 3 kids to put to bed, so I thought a slow cook meal would be good. And it was! After finding a 2kg boneless joint (bit more than you suggest per person - HUGE portions!) I came home to rush and prepare it (after borrowing a friend's roasting tray - mine are all a bit too flat). I nearly fainted at the sight of 3 large nipples staring up at me, and had a slight panic attack at what 'Open Table' would do... I decided on dissection, and whist holding my boobs at the same time in sympathy, I snipped the offending articles off.
As is my wont I ran out of time, so only had 3.5 hours to cook (serving everyone late at about 9.30pm) and my crackling didn't look that good, but I whopped up the heat for the last 30 minutes, and I have to say, the crackling was ace (so anyone else making this, don't be afraid if it doesn't have that air bubbly look across the whole joint, it still is really crunchy and yum).
Served with new potatoes and green beans, it was really moist, really easy, and (though I say so myself) really yum. Thank you, Open Table, a GREAT recipe!

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